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Golf Factor

Glenn Boswell is a graduate of the San Diego Golf Academy and has been a member of the PGA for over 25 years working as a Golf Professional and

nstructor at the Glencoe Golf & C.C.,Bearspaw C.C. and the Riverside Academy. 

During this time Glenn has taught thousands of lessons and club fittings. Glenn is a student of Mike LaBauve, a top 50 Golf Digest Instructor at the Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.  Glenn is a national evaluator for the PGA & the NCCP in theTeaching/Coaching  curriculum for aspiring Golf Professionals.


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Glenn’s lesson experience covers:

  • Corporate Clinic
  • Juniors    
  • Ladies only
  • Private & semi private
  • Groups
  • Drop in sessions
  • On Course playing lessons
  • Short game tests
  • One & two day schools 
  • Season long coaching         
Golf News  
Glenn Boswell scored an Albatross (2) 
on Bearspaw Country Club’s 
510 yard 8 th hole. Glenn holed out using a 6 iron from 190 yards – it is his first Albatross - he is still waiting for his first Ace! 

                    Odds of an 
6 million to 1 
Odds of a hole in 1
12,750 to 1 

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My Story


I grew up playing multiple sports in Medicine Hat, Alberta, including golf.  Before I started playing the game, I would caddy at the local venues in some of the competitive amateur events.  This enabled me to learn about the game, rules, etiquette and the swing dynamics.  Although I started playing more often when I was a teenager, I always enjoyed watching and learning from the better players more than actually playing.

This interest in the game and the fundamentals involved led to me enrolling in the San Diego Golf Academy after high school.  Aspiring golf professionals, managers, sales representatives and instructors would pursue their dreams upon completion of the 2 year program.

I was fortunate enough to work at the Glencoe Golf & C.C. in my second post graduate year. My mentor, Don Price was in my opinion and certainly many other professionals and amateurs, the best golf professional in the country.  Don Price who was the Director of Golf taught me how to improve my game and how to become a better instructor.

My interest in instructing and coaching grew enormously as I increased my clientele over the years.  I have read and studied numerous teachers and coaches in the game, including spending time with Mike and Sandy LaBauve in Arizona.  Mike and Sandy are both top 50 Golf Digest instructors who have their academy at the Westin Kierland in Scottsdale.  Spending time with them and watching how they help their students is a dream come true. They work with amateurs and PGA Tour Professionals, including Bryce Molder and Cheyenne Woods.

I have taught thousands of people, including beginners, juniors, groups and clinics who range in ability from never holding a club before to competitive amateurs. I do not specialize in a certain part of the game, however I do believe in the bio mechanics and what people are capable of doing.  I am a proponent of fitness, as I stay very fit and promote fitness to my students.  Fitness and instruction can help my students enjoy the game and allow them to continue playing for a long time.

The PGA of Canada has a curriculum for aspiring golf professionals to continue with their aspirations in the golf business.  Upon completion of a designated golf/management program or a degree, the students would then apprentice at a golf course while completing courses to attain their PGA status.  I was fortunate to apply and be accepted as an evaluator for the PGA of Canada in the educational component.  I am one of many evaluators across the country who rates and accesses the students in the program as it relates to teaching and coaching.  In conjunction with NCCP (National Coaching Certification Program), once the students demonstrate the required material and ability to teach/coach, they have passed the program.

One never learns it all in this business, I am constantly researching, observing and learning from the many different components as it relates to helping people play better.  This includes the mental side, fitness, bio mechanics, and ever changing technology.  What makes this game so great, is that we never get perfect at it, but it is fun to strive for.




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