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“First of all thank you, just had my best season ever! Managed a 39 on 9 holes, the lowest score!

Well Glenn, so far so good. Shot 47/41 at Glen Eagles yesterday in the wind. 20 putts on the front and 15 on the back, missed a couple of short chips, but the back nine started to feel real comfortable. Finished birdie, par, par. Ball contact was great. First time I have broke 90 in 4 years. Thanks for the help!!!
Glen Cinnamon, Calgary

Hey Glenn. I know you won't believe this but I played Ambiente today and had 5 birdies. Three in a row , 18, 1 and 2.
So its obvious that you are a hell of a good coach.

Tom Copithorne, Calgary

        Glenn has always had an ability to use the strengths of someone’s golf swing or other attributes, such as their physical make up to produce improvements.  In doing so, I have witnessed numerous golfers that he was teaching move on in the game of golf with a very positive and confident attitude, enjoying the game to it’s fullest. I have also benefitted from Glenn’s work which helped me turn the corner to become a solid single digit handicap golfer later in my life.

Where other golf instructors might fall back on their own swing or try to teach it, Glenn has always focused on taking someone’s strengths as a foundation and building on them, using a substantial repertoire of teaching tools and knowledge. The result is a very rewarding and enjoyable experience.  

Bryan Smeland

    I wanted to thank you again for the lessons this year, made a big difference. Shaved four strokes of my handicap, down to a 13. Broke 80 for the first time ever, shot a 78. Had six rounds lower than my previous best.


    My name is David Talbot and I have been taking lessons from Glenn for several years and in terms of results my handicap has come down from 28 down to 16 over this time. A couple of things that I really like about Glenn's teaching is that he has the student focus on one thing at a time which does not seem overwhelming and also he works with the student's current swing instead of trying to completely change the swing. When you add in Glenn's pleasant demeanor, the lessons are fun and very helpful.

David Talbot

    Mentally I play like Mick Jagger.... over the past years ...I was a high 90’s golfer ... going over a 100. About two years ago...I wanted to get better and spent a winter practicing once per week and having a lesson from Glenn once per week....

I have broken into the 80’s in fact at Stewart creek I had 6 rounds in a row in the 80’s. I still blow up from time to time...but I feel I am now an 80’s golfer. 

Frank McGinn

    In the three years I've taken winter lessons with Glenn my game has improved dramatically each year. It seems I have a new hitch in my swing every week but I haven't stumped Glenn yet. He always has a quick diagnosis and an exercise to work out the kink by the end of the lesson. The lesson format is casual but productive with one-on-one coaching and video analysis every week - I really appreciate being able to go at my own pace and work on whatever my own game requires.
Janice Harvie

    I started playing 6 years ago and my game was bad for the 1st 4 years scoring above 100s. I met Glenn and started his winter season coaching for 2 years and my game changed drastically. I had my lowest score last year of 84, and am now averaging in the low 90s. I believe I can do better for this season.

John Estepa

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